The New Book: A Work In Progress

The unlikely combination of musician and bush rat has found me in some odd and occasionally hilarious situations.  Enough, in fact, that more than a few folks have muttered the equivalent of, “You can’t make this stuff up.  You should write a book,” while managing to look serious at the same time.

So let me take you on a trip.  You might find yourself recognizing one or another aspects of my double life as you accompany me, but you likely won’t recognize both.  It has been, and continues to be, a fantastic experience; one I never take for granted and one for which I am eternally grateful.  And parts of it might tickle your fancy.  If you are of a mind, then,  pull up a stump.

This thing is a living organism.  I am knocking it out willy nilly and tossing up chapters as they materialize.  Although I will do my best, there is no guarantee they will be in order.  When stuff comes up like the day Hart burned down the outhouse, or I ended up having to wear an elf outfit on a particularly gruesome gig, they will need to be stuck in the right time frame after the fact.  With that weasel clause out of the way, then, let’s get on with it.  And thanks for coming along for the ride.

P.S.  I am tickled that Lynn Johnston (of 'For Better or for Worse' fame - my mate and partner in crime) has offered to illustrate a few chapters in this epic of nonsense and tomfoolery.

P.P.S. At some point all this stuff will reach critical mass, and there will be enough material for a book.  At that point, I will likely just be sticking up a few sample chapters.  For the time being, though, they are all available for your perusal.  Just saying'!

Chapter 1: The Coyote

Chapter 2: The Guitar

Chapter 3: The Cabin

Chapter 4: Trucks, Trains, Skidoos

Chapter 5: The Wanderlust

Chapter 6: Old, Bold Pilots

Chapter 7: The Stuff of Dreams

Chapter 8: Trucks and Trailers

Chapter 9: Heading For The Light I

Chapter 10: A Bridge Too Close

Chapter 11: Heading For The Light II

Chapter 12: Old, Bold Pilots II

Chapter 13: Heading For The Light III

Chapter 14: The Return I

Chapter 15: The Return II

Chapter 16: Talk To The Animals I

Chapter 17: Talk To the Animals II

Chapter 18: The Return III

Chapter 19: The Ozone Rangers I

Chapter 20: In the Moment I

Chapter 21: On the Road I

Chapter 22: On the Road II

Chapter 23: On the Road III

Chapter 24: On the Road IV

Chapter 25: Wood and Water I

Chapter 26: The Ozone Rangers II

Chapter 27: The Globe

Chapter 28: The Red Onion Saloon I

Chapter 29: In The Moment II

Chapter 30: The Red Onion Saloon II

Chapter 31: The Red Onion Saloon III

Chapter 32: The Red Onion Saloon IV

Chapter 33: The Red Onion Saloon V

Chapter 34: In The Moment III

Chapter 35: Jakes Corner

Chapter 36: The Famous Hamburger Incident

Chapter 37: Funk And The Buildings That House It

Chapter 38: The Egress

Chapter 39: Wood and Water II

Chapter 40: Fire! Fire!

Chapter 41: Skagway Story

Chapter 42: Bands - Roving Minstrels of North, South, East and West

Chapter 43: Of Dads and Pianos

Chapter 44: Fathers and Daughters, Fathers and Sons

Chapter 45: Missing Peggy Lee

Chapter 46: In the Moment IV

Chapter 47: John Kilmer

Chapter 48: In the Moment V

Chapter 49: Unforeseen Developments

Chapter 50: Gigs from Hell

Chapter 51: Strange Encounters with My Guitar Heroes

Chapter 52: The Magic Winter

Chapter 53: Tragedy in the Air

Chapter 54: Dreams of a Young Bush Rat Guitar Player

Chapter 55: The Atlin Music Festival